Compiled by Dr TARIQ WALI 


24 May 1875

Inauguration of the School at Sami Manzil, Aligarh


1 June 1875

Boarding House started with seven students


 8 January 1877

Lord Lytton, the Viceroy and Governor-General laid the foundation stone of the M.A.O. College


1 January 1881

Four students appeared in the BA Examination. The noted historian Dr Ishwari Prasad was the first graduate of the MAO College,Aligarh


20February 1888

Mr Theodore Beck, the renowned Principal of the MAO College drafts Allahabad University statutes


29 December 1891

The Chief Justice of Allahabad, Mr Justice Douglas Straight the Law classes at the MAO College

6 February 1894


Sir Syed A. Khan[1817-1898] with some of his allies staged a drama show at Aligarh Exhibition  in order to raise funds for the College.

31 March 1898

Efforts started by Sahibzada Aftab A.Khan to make MAO College a Muslim University to realize dreams of the Founder

7 March 1906

The Prince of Wales pays a visit to the College; Science Section established; Sir Adamji Peerbhoy donates Rs.One Lakh ten thousand while H. H. Agha Khan and raja Saheb of Mahmoodabad donate Rs. 36 thousand as cash and announce a regular annual grant of Rs.64,611 to MAO College.

16 January 1907

His Majesty Shah Habeebullah Khan of Afghanistan visits the College and grants Rs. 20 thousand to College Fund

10 February 1907

Papa Mian Sheikh M Abdullah founded a residential  Girls’ School at Aligarh, which became Undergraduate College in 1937

13 November 1909

Mir Imam Baksh of Talpur grants a monthly donation of Rs.500 to the College and asks his son to get himself admitted to the MAO College

10 January 1911

 A Committee constituted to establish Muslim University at Aligarh with Sir Agha Khan as its President and Nawab Viquarul Mulk as Hony Secretary

16 February 1911

University Constitution Committee was formed withits inaugural session at Lucknow

29 January 1918

Mir Usman Ali Khan , Nizam of Hyderabad  donated Rs. One Lakh five thousand to the College

1 December 1920

Central Legislative Assembly enacted Aligarh Muslim University Act,1920;H.H. Sultan Jahan Begum of Bhopal became the first Chancellor while Sir Mohammed Ali Mohammed Khan Ruler of Mahmoodabad became its first Vice-Chancellor

26 March 1921

First Session of the AMU Court held;Dr Sir Ziauddin Ahmed and Syed Sajjad Hyder Yalderam appointed as PVC and Registrar of the AMU


20 December 1925

Maharaja Alwar fixed an annual grant of Rs 8,000 to the College

16 November 1926

H.H. Nawab Hameedullah Khan of Bhopal donated Rs 15 lakh and nizam of Hyderabad also granted Rs 10 lakh to the University

11 October 1951

The Parliament of India passed the AMU(Amendment) Act,1951

21 May 1956

A delegation visits Saudi Arabia under the leadership of Dr Zakir Hussain; Shah Saud donated Rs.One Million towards establishment of the Jawahar Lal Nehru Medical College

2 Ocober 1962

J.N.Medical college was inaugurated by Professor Syed Hadi Hasan who along with Sir Ziauddin Ahmed voluntarily collected a huge sum towards establishment of the Medical College at AMU


The AMU( Amendment) Act ,1951 repealed

17 January 1972

 Parliament enacts the AMU(Amendment)Act,1972

31 December 1981

Parliament passed the AMU(Amendment)Act,1981