DIET FOR A DIABETIC (1600 cal. Approx)

1.           BREAKFAST

(a)         3 pieces of small bread with one cup of (130 ml) of buffalo milk


11/2 chappati (6 diameter) with 2 cup (260 ml) of curd.


Dalia cup (37 gm uncooked) with 4 glass of butter milk


cup of Noodles with 2 pieces of paneer (30 gm ech)


banana (50 gm) OR 11/slices of mango (70 gm) OR 25 pieces of grapes (80 gm) OR one apple (80 gm) OR Jamun 15 pieces (80 gm) OR one orange (100 gm


2 chapati (6 diameter) (25 gm each) + 2 small katori, rice (25 gm each) (uncooked) + katori rajmah (25 gm) + cup milk (68 ml) + bottle gourd (lauki) (500 gm) + Ghee 2 tea spoonful.

1.          Evening

2 small pieces of bread.

OR 6 pieces of salted biscuits

OR 3 pieces of sweet biscuits.

OR cup noodles.

OR  25 gm suji


Similar as lunch.

2.           BED TIME

cup of buffalo milk (68 ml)

OR one curd (130 gm)


2 chappati can be replaced with 2 katori rice 25 gm (uncooked)

OR Iddi 2 medium pieces (50 gm each)

OR Bread 4 small pieces.

OR Noodles one cup cooked (44 gm uncooked)

OR Dalia one cup cooked (25 gm uncooked)

kator rajma can be replaced with katori of Dals (Mung, Arhar, Urad, Chana Musur) etc.

OR 3 pieces of mutton (67 gm raw)

OR 1 breast of chicken (73 gm raw)

OR one egg (hen) 45 gm

OR one piece of hilsa fish 29 gm

OR 2-3 piece of rohu 80 gm

cup milk can be rerplaced with one cup curd (130 gm)

OR one cup cows milk 125 ml

500 gm of bottle gourd (lauki) can be replaced with -

ridge gourd (turiya) 500 gm

OR 500 gm of carrot (Gajar)

OR 300 gm of Bitter gourd

OR 300 gm of pumpkin (Kashiphal)

OR 300 gm of Brinjal (Baigan)

OR 300 gm of ladies finger (Bhindi)

OR 300 gm of cauliflower (Phool gobhi)

OR 300 gm of beet root (Chukander)

OR 75 gm of colacassia (Arbi)

OR 75 gm of peas (Matar)

2 tea spoonful of ghee can be replaced with

2   TSF Butter                           

OR 14 gm of Almond (Badam).

OR 16 gm of Ground nut

OR 2 TSF of oil.

OR 2 TSF of milk cream