Some interesting points

1.           Food can effects your mood too. A high protein food wake up your mind and make you feel mentally ever gised on the other hand a lot of sugar fat makes you sleep. Experts believe that a child will be sharper in class after protein breakfast than after a plateful of buttered bread or instant noodles. (Ref. Toi 21-1-96).

2.           Apart from high fibre and vitamin C, Tomato also contain an antioxidantly lycopene which neutralizes free radicals. And an high content of tomatoes in the diet could according to the American Cancer Institute, reduce the risk of some cancers cooked tomatoes are rich source of lycopene. (Re. Toi 5-6-97).

3.           Ginger aids digestion, easenausea and fight flatulence according to reports, ginger has been made into a pill that relieves pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. A drug zimax has beendeveloped from Chinese, ginger and a study indicated that it relieved pain in 70% of the class. IN India, ayurvedics advocate saunth a dried ginger powder as a wonder cure for arthrithis. (Ref. Toi 19-6-97).

4.           Food that stimulate immune system are carrot, curd, fruits, garlic mushroom, zinc, rich foods etc.

The above information is given just make common man aware of diabetes mellitus.