Health Information and Education Unit (H.I.E.U)

Aims and Objectives:

                    The present information age is an age of global collaboration, Knowledge, Experiance and Skills are being shared by peoples from different geographical backgrounds with varying degrees of developments.This global phenomenon has had the greatest and most sincere impact in Healthcare. The mismatch in Health indeces among the developed and under-developed nations are being realised and hence the need to rectify them has come up with much greater force. Health Information is the marker which has permeated the need for drastic health reforms even to an ordinary health worker and has contributed to the development of a large motivated group.

                    The Health Information and Education Unit (H.I.E.U.) intends to be a nodal point in this phenomena of Health Information  dissemination by providing the new seekers with the know-how and ways of linking with various International Health Organizations. Being based in Aligarh an under-developed city with very poor health and living conditions, this section also intends to provide way for Health Education of the local masses in relation to various common diseases. It is noteworthy that Aligarh reported a substancial number of polio cases in 2003 owing to refusal of people to get their children immunized due to varios taboos and rumours. The section will also focus on dispelling such myths at the district and state levels.

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