Children, all over the world, are full of vivid imagination and we cannot expect an affluent society and hopeful future in our country with abudant natural resources, without a fruitful growth of young brains creative power of students, youth and children who will shoulder the responsibilities of the forthcoming generations.

In 1986 I decided to start a laboratory providing opportunities to the students to pursue and implement their own ideas. A laboratory namely Science Aur Kainat Laboratory was started on 8th February 1986 in Kishanganj (Purnea). It was the self endeavor of the young enthusiasts that produced many useful exhibits of high practical value without incurring much expenses, and participated in the state, regional and national level science exhibitions held in Calcutta, Gowahati and Jabalpur, respectively. The exhibits were highly appreciated for their originality and skillful application. The scientific inventive spirit spread to many other young men. It also helped to increase the activities of laboratory day by day and consequently on 8th February, 1987 this laboratory was transformed into a science club and was named Science Aur Kainat Club (Science & Universe) with the aim of popularizing science among rural masses and creating scientific temper among children and youth.

In a very short span of time the activities of the club spread to far places and the interest of the student increased. As a result seven branches of the club were established in different regions of the state which widened the scope of the work and finally a unit was set-up in Delhi and named as its headquarter.

It is not only a science club but has objectives to create, scientific attitude, make science common for all, harness scientific knowledge for national development and to work for the welfare of the society. On 8th February 1990 the Science Aur Kainat Club was renamed to Science Aur Kainat Society of India. They are given first hand experience to various aspects of professional careers such as information management, public reltaion, finance control and management etc.

By establishing a network system of modern educational institution "KAINAT INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL". We are keenly concerned with the improvement of science education and are trying to supplement the formal education with the effort to make it more comprehensive and interesting. We encourage creative work and ventures through the medium of science exhibition, project work, field work, excursions lectures, seminars, groups discussion, film, show s etc. covering a wide area of science and technology.

Club bring increased enthusiasm that tends to spread to no-members, who share their special learning. With increasing informality comes a higher degree of co-operation between members from time to time. Besides participating in the scientific activities, the members are brought forward, from time to time, to share the responsibilities of managing the activities of the club by joining hands, taking part in the proceedings of the functions and planning and sharing responsibilities in developing special projects. We plan to provide opportunity to students, youth and children to work on Science Projects, join our activities as good friends and reliable partners in establishing peace and prosperity for the present and future generations.

We hope to receive every encouragement from institutions and individuals interested in the spreading of scientific spirits and temper among children and youth.

Shakil Ahmed Kakvi (Founder Secretary)

404, Zakir Nagar (W)

Jamia Nagar, Newe Delhi-110025

Ph- 6847751

Science Aur Kainat Society of India

1, Regency Apartment, Opp. SBI

Medical Road, Aligarh-202 002


Dr. Zahid Ali (Founder Member)

ADD:- R-297 H.H.HALL A.M.U.

Er. K.M. Rafi (Founder Member)

ADD:- R-95 N.T.HALL A.M.U.

Mr. Mursaleen Naseer (Member)

Mr. Abdullah Ansari (Member)

Mr. Afaque Ahmad (Member)