The need for online medical services is increasing due the fact that many medical questions remain unanswered even after discussing them with one's private physician. Moreover, the physicians are increasingly short of time due to paperwork and insurance formalities. This results in less than adequate discussion of problems with the patient. Sometimes the diseases go unnoticed and overlooked. At last, this is becoming possible with the advent of online medical services. The challenge is to locate the reliable and qualified doctors while preserving one's privacy and confidentiality at the same time.

With increasing demand of this section Medbeats Healthcare has decided to introduce an ONLINE DOCTOR section. In this section Doctors from all over the world will answer your queries through E-mail or Live Chatting (Medbeats Chat or Yahoo/MSN/etc). Live Chatting with Doctors on medbeats.com is generally available on SUNDAY MORNING (time will be notified as per availability of Doctor). To begin with: Dr Imran Sabri will be available to you for the queries. To make this section more user friendly you can ask questions to any of the following doctor by simply clicking on Ask Question given in front of doctors name. Please read terms and conditions before asking any query. By asking any query or visiting this section it has been assumed that you had read al terms and conditions  and you are agreed to all of them. These terms and conditions are liable to change at any time without and notification to anyone. Please do read terms and conditions regularly on the website.Medical questions are answered by the board-certified specialist physicians through e-mail. They excel over other services for several reasons. First, the answers are provided by specialist doctors rather than paramedics. Also, the answers are sent confidentially to the patient's e-mail address. Their response time is quicker than most other online medical services. We found this service to be a good option to a routine clinic visit.


Pros of an online medical service:

  1. getting opinions on problems that remain unsolved even after consulting with the doctor

  2. providing anonymity for private medical problems

  3. getting alternate opinion on serious diseases such as cancer and operative procedures

  4. getting more detailed explanation of diseases and symptoms

  5. quick medical advice at the fraction of the cost of regular clinical visit

  6. much quicker answers as advance scheduling is not required

  7. no paperwork and insurance formalities needed

Cons of an online medical service:

  1. at times direct examination is necessary to make the final diagnosis - not possible online

  2. diagnostic tests can't be carried out

  3. medicine prescriptions can't be issued

  4. operative procedures are not possible

  5. not suitable for medical emergencies

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Dr Imran Sabri


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Dr. Mohd Khalid


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  Dr. Athar Ansari M.D. (Community Medicine) Contact Now  

Dr Syed Ziaurrahman

M.D. (Pharmacology)

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Dr Naveed Nazir Shah

M.D. (Respiratory Medicine, Std)

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Dr. M. Salman Shah

M.D. (Community Medicine, std)

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Dr Sufian Zaheer

M.D. [Pathology]

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  Dr. Muneeb Ahmad M.B.B.S (A.M.U.) Contact Now Contact
  Dr. Mohd Sadique M.B.B.S (A.M.U.) Contact Now Contact
  Dr. Shah Farhan Azfar M.D. [Medicine] Contact Now Contact
  Dr. Nasir M. Khan` Psychiatrist Contact Now Contact
  Dr. Urooj Ahmad M.D. [Radiology] Contact Now Contact
  Dr. Asad Mahmood Ex- S.R. [D/o Skin] Contact Now Contact
  Dr. Nasir M. Khan M.D. [Psychiatry] Contact Now Contact
  Dr. Dheeraj Kewlani M.D. [Ophthalmology] Contact Now Contact
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